When is it Time to Move on From Your Current Storage Facility?

March 10 2023

When is it Time to Move on From Your Current Storage Facility?

When you have established yourself in a storage facility, you want to forget about the belongings for a time, safe in the knowledge that they are secure, dry, and safe; unfortunately, that is not always the case. Make sure you check your belongings regularly and don’t be afraid to change your storage solution to Storagex if you notice any issues.  

Space Issues 

Most storage facilities offer a wide range of space options; you can choose anything from a locker-sized space to a unit with several hundred square metres. However, all storage units are different, and you might have to move on from your current provider if circumstances change. 

Maybe your small business is doing well, and you need more space for your stock, or perhaps you need some additional space for a home move. If your current storage provider doesn’t have a unit available, you will have to find an alternative solution. Find an alternative storage unit.    

High Prices 

The price of the storage facility is a key consideration. A storage unit needs to be economical, especially when you are storing items for the long term, so make sure you get the best price and the best value for money. Storage units with additional services are better but more expensive.  

If you want a storage unit with excellent security, plenty of space, and round-the-clock monitoring, you will pay a higher price. Still, it is worth paying the price if you need to store expensive or sensitive items in the facility. 

Discount Deals 

The majority of storage unit facilities offer discount deals and introductory offers for new members, but you need to watch out for the end of the deal and the change in the price. Common introductory offers include half price for 8 weeks or the first month for free. 

Discount deals for storage units are tempting, but when they run out, you might be hit with an unreasonably high fee. If this happens, don’t be afraid to move to a new storage unit that offers better value. Always check the true price of the storage unit before you invest time and money. StorageX Will provide you with a price guarantee. 

Billing Issues 

The majority of storage facilities charge members on a monthly basis. While this can be suitable in some circumstances, it is not always the best option. Some people only require the facility for a few months but are billed for six or twelve, or a billing period runs into another month by a day. It is unfair to charge for an entire month when you only use the facility for a day; if this happens, you have two options, you can try to change to a weekly billing cycle and get a refund, or you can move on from your current storage facility and find a billing cycle that is more suitable. Here at StorageX we will refund you any unused portion of the rent.

Building Condition 

Make sure you get good value for money when choosing a storage facility; there are plenty of horror stories. It can be tempting to choose a cheaper facility but beware of mold growth and humidity issues that can damage your belongings even when they’re only there for a short time. Before you invest in a storage facility and move your belongings in, read reviews and talk to people about the service – testimonials should be easy to find online. Also, consider a tour of the facility and check for signs of mold and humidity damage. Also, check stored items regularly. Here at StorageX are reviews are all 5 stars.

Expensive Insurance 

If it is worth storing, it is also worth insuring. This is an old but true adage in the storage business that is worth adhering to. Even when the storage facility offers you high-end security infrastructure, you still need to cover your belongings with some basic home insurance. That said, a storage facility with better security options should allow you to save on your insurance policy. Decide whether you want a high-end storage facility with low insurance or vice versa. If you find your insurance costs are too high for the facility, consider switching units.  

Security Issues 

Self-storage facilities are a target for criminals. Of course, self-storage facilities contain personal belongings and valuable items, and they are sometimes easier to break into than a conventional home in a busy neighbourhood. Storage units are often located in rural areas. Make sure you check the security infrastructure in the storage unit before signing up as a member and moving valuable belongings to the facility. If there are any break-in issues associated with the facility during your time there, you should seriously consider changing storage facilities. StorageX deploys the most advanced security technology + Fire prevention systems. 

Site Size 

Storage facilities come in various shapes and sizes; some of them are small and secure, with monitored CCTV cameras, perimeter fencing, and security teams. Others are sprawling. These larger facilities might be less secure because there is more area to monitor and check routinely. The site size can affect the security of the facility, but it can also affect the logistics of using the site. If you find that you have a long way to travel to your unit and the paths aren’t great, it could be time to switch to a storage facility that is neater, cleaner, and more secure overall. 

Customer Service 

Most businesses have a customer service department to handle customer issues and resolve complaints. Customer service also has the task of retaining customers through high-quality services. If you notice some low-quality customer service, simply change your storage unit. Storage facility customer service should be on your side and ready to resolve any issues quickly. If you feel like the customer service department is unhelpful or puts your belongings at risk, feel free to raise a complaint. Sometimes, you can even be rewarded for your efforts.

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Moving your storage facility is a big project, so you can understand the reluctance involved. Still, switching your current storage facility can make your belongings safer and protect them from mold and humidity. Search for a new self-storage near me to improve your storage solution deal. 

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