Secure Your Valuables: Safety Deposit Boxes in Melbourne

StorageX is pleased to announce our newest offering our safety deposit boxes located within our walk in vault. Customers’ needs are evolving, and specialised storage is a growing trend. We all have very valuable items that we need to store securely.

Examples include: Wills and other highly valuable documents, jewellery, cash, gold and precious metals, stamp and coin collections and other items.

Many households and businesses have safes on their premises and although this serves as a secure environment it potentially lends itself to theft and additional burdens that can be eliminated.

Safety Deposit Boxes Units in Melbourne


Your Home Away From Home: Residential Storage in Melbourne

Preparing for a big move? Struggling with a mountain of boxes? StorageX can provide you with the ease of space that you need for your next step in a move. StorageX provides safe and secure storage for your cherished belongings to help give you the space and clarity needed for your goals!

Residential Storage Units in Melbourne
Commercial Storage Units in Melbourne


Expand Your Business Space: Commercial Storage in Melbourne

Commercial storage can change with your business. Self-storage provides flexibility for your business when you need it most, with features like:

  • Month by Month Rentals- Our units are leased on a monthly basis meaning you pay for only the time you need.
  • Drive through accessibility- with 2 access points for you and your vehicle located on both sides of the building, you can easily drive on through and load/unload your belongings.
  • Packing and Moving Amenities- Here at StorageX we offer a wide arrange of boxes and other packaging needs from bubble wrap to tape to help you pack and easily transport your possessions.