The Best and Worst Things to Store in a Safety Deposit Box

November 30 2023

When it comes to safeguarding your valuables, a safety deposit box offers a secure and protected space. However, not all items are ideally suited for this form of storage. Understanding what items thrive in a safety deposit box and which ones might not be the best fit is crucial. Let’s explore the best and worst things to store in a safety deposit box.

The Best

Important Documents

  • Title Deeds and Contracts: Property deeds, vehicle titles, and legal contracts are vital documents that require utmost security

  • Insurance Policies: Keeping insurance policies safe ensures access during emergencies.


  • Jewellery and Family Heirlooms: Precious jewellery, family heirlooms, and valuable collectibles are ideal for secure storage.
  • Rare Collectibles or Bullion: Rare coins, valuable stamps, or precious metal bullion are safer in a locked box.

Sensitive Data

  • Digital Storage Devices: Back up hard drives, USBs, or encrypted data with personal or financial information.
  • Sensitive Photographs: Preserve irreplaceable photographs or negatives.

Irreplaceable Items

  • Sentmental Keepsakes: Items with deep sentimental value, such as letters, keepsakes, or mementos, deserve secure storage.
  • Family Documents: Birth certificates, passports, and citizenship papers are irreplaceable and should be protected.

The Worst

Perishable or Sensitive Items

  • Food or Perishables: Avoid storing anything that can spoil or attract pests.

Medication or Prescription Drugs:

  • Pharmaceuticals, especially those with expiration dates or specific storage requirements, are better kept in a controlled environment. Safety deposit boxes might not provide suitable conditions.

Combustible or Flammable Materials:

  • Flammables or Explosives: Items such as fireworks, fuel, or highly flammable substances pose a safety risk if stored in a confined space like a safety deposit box
  • Hazardous or toxic materials: Chemicals that are hazardous, corrosive, or toxic should not be stored in a safety deposit box due to potential safety and environmental risks

Illegal, Contraband, or Prohibited Items:

  • Illegal or Prohibited: Items that are illegal, prohibited by law, or considered contraband should never be stored in a safety deposit box. Doing so could result in legal consequences

When considering items for storage, always prioritise safety, compliance with laws and regulations, and practicality. Not all items are suitable for a safety deposit box, and some may require alternative storage arrangements based on their nature, size, or legal implications.

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