Packing and Moving into your Storage Unit

Packing up and moving out? It’s important to have a clear action and direction before getting your belongings ready for a self-storage unit. What are some of the steps you can take to make your move stress free?

June 20 2022

Packing and Moving into your Storage Unit

Have a Date in Mind
Like putting any plan into action, its important to have your dates clearly lined up. This way you can follow a procedure in a timely and stress-free manner for better preparation

Categorize All your Belongings
Now you need to go through all the belongings you have. Here its important of course to not only categorize by size to better maximize space in your unit, but also categorize what you need regular access to. This will make these items easier to access when your unit is filled and save time. Categorizing all your items also ensures you can account for everything and won’t lose any valuables during the move.

Packing and Moving

Donate or Bin Unwanted Items
Everyone collects a wide variety of stuff over a lengthy period of time. Now you’ve sorted through everything, you will undoubtedly have some things you no longer need. This would be a good time to bin, recycle or even donate those items before making the process of transporting your goods to a unit.

Packing Items Securely
Now you’ve identified your items, it’s time to purchase boxes and packaging. Make a decision between either carboard or plastic boxes depending on what goods you’re transporting. It’s also important to label these boxes accordingly to avoid future confusion. Here at StorageX we sell a variety of different sized boxes and packaging to help.

Everything packed is labelled, its time to move into the unit. Keep ample room for a pathway into the unit to ensure you can easily get in and out of the unit. Also its ideal to stack up and make the best use of space possible. If you have any further queries, feel free to talk to one of our team members.

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