Pack Your Home Like An Expert

December 16 2022

Pack Your Home Like An Expert

Moving can be extremely exciting as well as incredibly stressful, this is a new experience, however if you prepare properly it can be much easier.

Where do I begin?

Without the correct strategy you can easily become overwhelmed. Do not forget there is more to moving then the physical move itself. At Storage X we are here to help, we strive to help you minimise the move so you can enjoy the entire process.

Getting Started, Everything you need to know

Moving into a larger home or downsizing? Packing for a move, you need a plan, follow our tips and life will be much easier.

Family hosting a dinner for everybody.

What do I need to Pack?

We have all accumulated more goods than we need. Go through your entire contents and determine what you really need. Whatever is of no use needs to be disposed, try and sell your unwanted goods through platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, eBay and or Gumtree ( You will be surprised as to what you can sell and covert into Cash) Whatever you cannot sell you can donate or toss. This is a wonderful opportunity to declutter and get rid of unwanted goods. Ask a friend or relative to help you decide what is not needed. Chances are if you did not use the items in the past 6-12 months you will generally not us them again

Buy Packing supplies?

We will discuss how to pack your items later, however, now is a suitable time to consider what packing .supplies you will need. As you go through your home make a list of what items you will keep this will help you determine the packing supplies you will need.

Start with your Non – Essentials:

You will find some of your possessions are not needed immediately, pack these items first. Maybe pack your shed first and remember to look at your wardrobe; If you are moving in the summer months your winter clothes can be packed first.

Label all your boxes:

You will need to create a list of all your     , this way you can easily find the things you have packed.

What can I use in my home to help me pack and save money?

Have a good look around your home you will find old boxes you can use to move. Storage X also provides packing supplies our Box shop can help you with all your needs. Visit our web site for all your packing needs:

Bed Linen and Towels:

Yes these can be packed as well when you are packing fragile items use towels and bed linen to wrap all your fragile items, this saves you needing fragile packing supplies such as bubble wrap

We are here to help