Drive Thru Access In Self-Storage

January 12 2023

Drive Thru Access In Self-Storage

As the world changes and our needs change, we have witnessed a growing demand for self-storage. Storage solves a need for many customers, including residential and commercial uses. Decluttering our homes, storing memories, and using additional space to help businesses continues to grow within the Australian market. StorageX caters for all types of customers that are seeking additional space within a  secure and easily accessible facility in the South-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. StorageX was designed with ease of access and security as the main features to help all our customers enjoy an easy and safe experience.

What does that actually mean?

When investigating options and solutions available in the industry it was identified that all customers need to be able to access the facility in a safe and easy manner. StorageX created a drive thru service that provides the easiest ease of access for all our customers. The facility is accessed via North Road Huntingdale, with an oversized driveway and parking options ease of access has been well catered for. Customers can easily drive into the facility and drive out the facility without the need for U turns or tricky manoeuvres. Drive in via North Road and Exit directly through the property into Hume Street. StorageX caters for all vehicle types including cars, trailers, vans and trucks. The facility is further enhanced with a corner location providing an additional 2 access points within StorageX. This ensures that if multiple move in or move out are been conducted ample space exists to cater for our customers.

Access to the facility is restricted to our customers, although the public can visit our reception area they are unable to access the facility. Access to the facility is only available to approved customers, via our pin pad access with unique codes. Once the customer enters their pin, code the gates and roller doors will open providing the customer with their access. Our customers enjoy internal parking, loading and unloading facilities and more. Once the customer is finished with their needs they will enjoy the drive thru access and exit the property again via the secure pin pad access. Not all facilities have been designed with ease of access, some facilities do not provide a drive thru service, nor do they provide undercover loading and unloading facilities.

Self storage units

The last thing you want to do is load and unload your goods outside been subjected to all the elements; additionally getting to and from your unit needs to be easy.StorageX in Huntingdale Melbourne, located between Chadstone Shopping centre and Monash University Clayton campus is well designed to make your self-storage experience very easy and safe.

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