Safety deposit boxes within our Storage Vault

February 10 2023

Safety deposit boxes within our Storage Vault

StorageX is pleased to announce our newest offering our safety deposit boxes located within our walk in vault. Customers’ needs are evolving, and  specialised storage is  a growing trend. We all have very valuable items that we need to store securely.

Examples include: Wills and other highly valuable documents, jewellery, cash, gold and precious metals, stamp and coin collections and other items.

Many households and businesses have safes on their premises and although this serves as a secure environment it potentially lends itself to theft and additional burdens that can be eliminated. Banks continue to downgrade their safety deposit offerings to customers and as a result specialised secure safety deposit box offering continues to grow. Secure vault rooms provide the highest grade of security not only from theft but also from fires/floods and other natural disasters.

How does this storage work?

Generally the vault can only be accessed by trained onsite staff via additional security requirements such as code entry or biometrics. Once inside the vault 2 keys are needed to access the individual safety deposit box. One is the customer’s key, and the second key is like a master key. The safety deposit box cannot be accessed unless both keys are used, this process provides an individual layer of security. Once the box is accessed a secure separate room is offered to the customer so they can deal with their belongings. Upon completion the box is stored back in the vault and is locked again using both the keys.

A person holding keys

StorageX in Huntingdale caters for this need providing the highest form of security so customers can store with confidence. The vault is alarmed and monitored via 24hour CCTV security, additionally safety deposit boxes can only be accessed via the 2 key factor. StorageX provides a private viewing room, customers can be assured they have complete privacy in dealing with their valuables.Unlike banks that require 100 points of ID to secure a safety deposit box within their vaults, we at StorageX only require one form of ID and are focused on maintaining your privacy and security. Boxes vary in sizes from small to X- Large depending on the customer’s needs. Our Vault room is also approved by Victoria Police to accommodate handgun storage; this eliminates the need to store your handguns at home hence creating a safer home environment.

Vault boxes price list

Another specialised need for safety deposit boxes relates to cryptocurrency>

As cryptocurrency continues to grow so does the security of your cryptocurrency; although digital wallets can store your passcodes, a physical paper version can provide an additional piece of mind. StorageX recognises this need and highly recommends our safety deposit boxes within our walk-in vault as an alternative to securely store this very important information. Strategically located and highly secured facility with an emphasis on your safety and privacy we welcome the inspection of our premises: 1313-1315 North Rd Huntingdale

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